Alfred David Hart

Alfred David Hart (1850–1928), the son of Samuel Hart[1] and Harriet (née Benjamin), married,[2] at Melbourne, in 1878, his first cousin once removed, Henry Cohen’s grand-daughter, Elizabeth (1852–1928), the daughter of Edward Aaron Cohen and Rebecca (née Benjamin).

Alfred Hart’s father Samuel Hart was an Englishman who settled in Adelaide as a wholesale merchant. Alfred was born in Adelaide.


Alfred Hart’s mansion home, “Charnwood”, at St Kilda, stretched the entire length of Charnwood Grove which was then a gracious backwater and peaceful tree-laden haven of rest, quiet and opulence.[3]


Alfred David Hart, tobacco merchant and brewer, left an estate in Victoria valued at £205,654.[4]

[Does this Alfred David Hart have any connection to the David Hart whom James Simmons’ daughter Sarah (1832–90) married. She left an estate in NSW in 1890 valued at £234,495!]

Alfred and Elizabeth had four children:

Gladys (1879–1944)[5] in 1908 married Julius Theomin (1866–1932).

Rupert (1880–1945) married Muriel Commens (1893–1976).

Elma (1882–1946) in 1901 married (Sir) Samuel Sydney Cohen (1869–1948) the son of George Judah Cohen and Rebecca née Levey.

Nola (1885–1956) in 1909 married Harold Brash (1878–1927).


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[1].       Samuel Hart married Harriet née Benjamin (c.1838). They had five children: Rachel (1840–1911), in 1861 married Isaac Feldheim (c.1826–1903); Benjamin (1842–1906) unmarried; Caroline (1845–1940) unmarried; Louis (1849–1884), married Dinah Levy (1860–1898); and Alfred David (1850–1928), married Elizabeth Cohen (1852–1926). Samuel Hart died, aged 54, on 19 April 1867; Harriet Hart died, aged 66, on 20 August 1878.

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