Horse Racing
Guest House Lindenhof Karsten Wagner
This horse riding complex - now also a guest house - was owned by Bruno Cassirer from 1931-1933 prior to his leaving Germany.
Gestüt Lindenhof, Lindenhof 1, 17268 Templin.
Note on the sale of Gestüt Lindenhof
Buildings from Bruno Cassirer’s time at Lindenhof
Stables and horses at Lindenhof
Racecourse Mariendorf
This became Bruno Cassirer’s ‘home track’.   In 1913 the Racecourse Mariendorf was saved from closure by Bruno Burchardt and Bruno Cassirer.  The “Bruno Cassirer race” is still run in Derby Week. Bruno Burchardt and Bruno Cassirer were the chairmen for the first years of the supervising authority for controlling and racing the Traber breed.